Thursday, April 03, 2008

Quitter is amusing...

I'm a bitch...
-Meredith Brook-

Well well... Yesterday was the hell of a day! I worked all day long, didn't have lunch, got stucked with a beauuuuutiful call ¬¬* and got late to the appointment. They closed the place fifteen minutes before I got there! Gosh so FRUSTRATING!

Well, I didn't have to go to DHL, at least that was good and I skipped classes... Yes I know, I had an exam but I was sucking out loud so hard that I could barely stand the mere humiliation of being there!

Went to vishnu, this veggie restaurant, always delicious and brought back so many memories... =D And then to the mall, ahhh hated "San Pedro" but it was ok, I was happy and I bought Fausto by Goethe! /love

Then I got home.

I got time to think about my life, where is it going. Somehow I'm just trying to shake the bad feelings from my heart, I like being happy and I hate it when people try to take that from you. But the best thing is that I'm strong, stronger than before and way happier and not so naive.

I like keeping my friends close, I love hanging around with my biatches like K' or Ghy or even Italiah B) and I totaly loooove my boys.

You know who you are, LOVE YA DUDES!

That's all. Who's up for a tequila night?

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