Saturday, May 17, 2008

Give me a reason to love you

Who waltzed me into this
Am I now stuck here forever?
Luck just gave me a kiss
Then lashed me down with a leather strap


This word. We women should tattoo this seven words in our foreheads so we never forget that it exists.

Years ago, when women still remained virgins until marriage and MTV played real music, when global warming didn't exist for most people and internet was just a myth... Back then "romance" happened.

Nowadays, when love is so overrated and surreal we begin to wonder... Which are the things men can do to make a woman feel special?

I began to wonder months ago how used we are to this same thing: Men trying their best to get our attention, to hunt us, to get us, to please us but I needed to know if we women are doing anything to seduce them back.

Is it ok to rely in our backs hoping to get the best treatment while they work their backs (per say) to make us happy? Is it fair? Did nature meant for this to happen?

Well I certainly believe not. Believing in women freedom and rights and still we are just as hypocrite and dependent is kind of contradictory don't you think?

This is just for us girls to have it on mind. Instead of crying about our guy not putting enough effort... Why don't we, for a change, start making things different?

To be continued...

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