Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just one more year

Another year passed me by and as I look into the mirror I find a completely different person, one that I never thought I would be, someone stronger, wiser and smarter. I look into the sky and deeply thank God for another year, another chance to grow into a better person and an opportunity to fix the many mistakes I've made.

I'm one year closer to my goals and, even if the clouds cover the sky, I know everything is going to be just fine. I have the sweetest people by my side and nothing is going to change that.

This past weeks my mother left to Peru. It felt so awkward not having her around, like I had lost my best friend, my first love, I really felt sad and selfish. Not having her around is awful but she deserved this "vacations", even under those circumstances.

And now that she's back I can finally sleep at night, it is the most beautiful thing: To see her smile, to hug her and feel that unique scent, a mother's scent.

So... Is this how happiness feels like? Cause I believe I could get used to it.

And for me? Mmm Happy Birthday Joyce, 21 already... Gee girl, you are no longer a child.


  1. I like the person you have become. =) Happy birthday hun. ^^

  2. A Happy person is a better person.

    I'm glad you are happy. JOYce :P


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