Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oricon's Chart 03.03.2009 - 03.10.2009

So these days have been really crazy. I've had tons of ups and downs but I'm still moving.

And so is the Jmusic world of course. So, here it is the top 10 singles for this week sponsored by

10. Shinyuyo - Shonanno Kaze

What can I say about this group? Well yeah, they play kind of hip-hop kind of reggae, they are funny but I just don't like them, I believe their music is quite... Different. Anyways, it seems that japanesse people are quite weird (woah, that's somethin' new) so they are number 10 in this week's Oricon.

9. Milk - Aiko

Aiko is great, her music is amazing. She's quite a genius and so cute! So, here we have Milk which also debuted at 38 in the World Chart, quite nice huh? And for real, you gotta love this song.

8. Bye Bye - Ai Otsuka

Never been a big fan of Ai Otsuka, her voice is annoying, her style is childish, she's cute though but I'm not a man so I really don't care. So, here she is with her last single: Bye Bye. This is a "5 dollar video" as I read in a comment, the song is regular, the vid is boring. Not that I expected a lot from a girl who makes videos about smashing watermelons at the beach with a bunch of fat guys in a thong. (See "Happy Days")

7. Piece - Yuu Agaraki

Ok, I don't want to be mean but the first thing I thought when I saw this video was... Oh my gosh ears. She looks like a friggin' elf or something taken out of Tolkien's world. Besides that we have here another boring-to-death PV which got me thinking if japanese people just ran out of money/ideas. It's like: Oh good Lord all the budget we have to make this video is $10... Ok, no prob, just film the artist making every-day stuff like... Dunno... Soup! And voila, you got your single hit #7 at Oricons. =D

6. Good Bye My School Days - Dreams Come True

If Miwa Yoshida, the vocal of DCT, can be proud of something it is of course her voice. It's really good. This vid is nice, the song is quite fun starting as a ballad and then turning 180 degrees into a nicely played ska.

5. Sayonara Wa Iwanai - Kazumasa Oda

This song is quite new, I have no idea what's about. I'm sorry. :P

4. Strength - Abingdon Boys School

FINALLY! Jrock in this list! ABS is a great band, I like 'em and you know why? I will give you three words: T.M. Revolution... =F oooooohhhh good God.

No, really, the band is amazing, their music is good, this song is wonderful. But please, pretty please ignore the fact that they are cosplaying "Beetlejuice".

3. Ai No Mama De - Junko Akimoto

Yes, after like 5 weeks she is STILL in the chart. This song reminds me the ending of an old anime. It would be really rude to judge it so do it yourselves.

2. Hoshi Ni Negai Wo - Flumpool

Nice song, boring video. Bad combination so I would listen to it with my eyes closed. :P Very Asian Kung Ku Generation meets UVERworld IMO.

1. Rule - Ayumi Hamasaki

Ladies and gentlemen, she did it again. What can I say? I simply ADORE this video. I'm not used to the song yet but the PV is very "Ayuish". Congrats Ayumi. You are the best.

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